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Heels: Thursday

Step into confidence and elegance with our Heels Class—an empowering experience designed for dancers of all levels! Channel your inner grace and strength as you discover the art of dancing in heels. This class is a fusion of technique, style, and empowerment, focusing on mastering movements that accentuate poise and fluidity.

Led by seasoned instructors, you'll learn how to move confidently and gracefully in heels, enhancing your posture, lines, and overall performance. From precise footwork to captivating body movements, this class will help you command the dance floor with flair and sophistication.

No prior experience is necessary—just bring your favorite heels and a willingness to explore the art of dancing with style and confidence. Join us for an exhilarating journey that celebrates self-expression and empowerment through dance!


9PM - 9:50 PM


Heels Class at 3rd Street Dance. 8558 W. 3RD STREET L.A., C.A.,90048


New Student Special: $89 ( valid for two weeks of unlimited ongoing classes, New students only, no contract required.)

Single  Drop In / Ongoing Class: $22

8 Class Card: $154 *cannot be shared or transferred to another person

Unlimited Membership*: $169 /month Unlimited on-going classes, 18+ classes a week OR or $199/month. Pay as you go. No contract 

Ultimate Membership*: $199 /month, Unlimited on-going classes, 18+ on-going classes per week, 4 week Workshops, Monthly Bootcamps, Latin Socials, A pair of Dance Shoes.* OR $249/month Pay as you go. No contract.

Premiere Membership*: $279 /month: Unlimited on-going classes, 4 week Workshops, Monthly Bootcamps, Latin Socials,Guest Instructor Classes, Specialty Workshops, one pair of Dance Shoes.*, one 55 min. Private Lesson per month* (shared space).

Dance Bootcamps: $75/person | $65 pre-register or  $140 per couple or $125 per couple pre-register. 

Wedding Dance Bootcamps: $140 couple or $120 pre- register couple

*Premiere private lessons must be used within contract calendar month.No rollover of lessons to the next contract calendar month.

*One pair of dance shoes, per 3 month activated contract. Receive a new pair of dance shoes every 3 months, per 3 month auto contract.

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