Kizomba is a very popular genre of dance and music, which originated in Angola and was made popular in Portugal. It mixes influences of traditional Semba and Zouk music from the French Caribbean. On this basis, Kizomba music emerged as a modern music genre with a sensual touch, mixed with African rhythms. Kizomba is rising in popularity in dance clubs around Los Angeles.


Beginning/Open Level Kizomba


8PM - 8:50pm


W/ Chris

Our Beginner/Open LevelKizomba class offers the fundamental basic steps that one would need to get started with the sexy social dance from Angola. 

Drop in at any time! We'll always cover the basics but also give you a new pattern to practice!


We offer Zouk classes throughout the year. Please check back on the website or call our office at (310) 275-4683 for information on the next session.


Single / Ongoing Class: $20

8 Class Card: $129

Ultimate Unlimited Membership*: $169 /month (All-Access to classes, bootcamps, workshops, socials, one performance workshop, and a $10 discount on private lesson packages)

Unlimited Membership*: $129/month (unlimited access to ongoing classes only)

* 3 Month Auto-Pay Required

One Month Membership: $149

Dance Bootcamps: $40 pre-register | $50 At Door | $75 per Couple