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Private Lessons

Experience private dance lessons tailored just for you at 3rd Street Dance. The common setup of multiple couples sharing one large ballroom is what is generally offered at most dance studios.

We at 3rd Street Dance value your time and prioritize your

individual experience. With our four spacious ballrooms, we offer exclusive options to enhance your private lesson. Opt for a Private Room for undivided attention or a Shared Room with a personalized experience and budget friendly pricing. Your choice, your dance journey. -See below for more details on these tailored options.

Private Lesson: Private Room.

1 Private Lesson  Private Space

5 Private Lessons- Private Space

10 Private Lessons - Private Space

20 Private Lessons - Private Space

Private Lesson: Shared Room

1 Private Lesson - Shared Space

5 Private Lessons- Shared Space

10 Private Lessons - Shared Space

20 Private Lessons - Shared Space


Group Classes and Workshops are 50 minutes in length.

Single Class


8 Class Card (valid for 4 months)


($19.25/class) *Cannot be shared or transferred.

$89 ($198 value)

  • 2 weeks of Unlimited on-going classes.

  • Choose from over 18+ on-going classes per week.


4 Week Workshops

 (4 sessions*) 
Select dance style, go to specific page to to purchase

(Drop in only allowed 1st & 2nd week) 
*No refunds for missed sessions.

Guest Instructor Bootcamps & Workshops

Prices vary based on instructors and length of class.

$94 |

P​re-register $84
Couple $180 |

Pre-register, ​per couple $160
Single drop in workshop class: $28 

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