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Wedding Dance Preparation

Weddings often include dancing as part of the reception festivities. The staff at 3rd Street Dance are specialists in preparing couples for this once in a lifetime evening. Our goal is to help you look elegant and feel comfortable while dancing in front of your family and friends. We also offer lessons for father-daughter dance, monther-son dance, and bridal party dances.

Couples will often take our Wedding Bootcamp or one of our ballroom classes to begin their dance training. These classes cover traditional partner dances, as well as romantic moves for slow contemporary music.

We recommend that couples take a series of private lessons to focus exclusively on their "First Dance." We will create a personalized choreography that will make you look elegant and feel confident on your most important day. 

It is best to begin dance lessons at least two or three months before your wedding. That way, the lessons can proceed at a comfortable pace. Our wedding packages of ten, six, or four private lessons will meet the needs of most couples. However, it is not uncommon for couples to take as many private lessons as they need for a performance that really shines.

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dmitriy makovetskiy
dmitriy makovetskiy
Aug 20, 2023

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